Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company, as a major player in the chemical and materials industry, has a global footprint, offering a diverse portfolio of products. Its focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and cost-saving initiatives reflects its commitment to growth and sustainability in the sector.


Headquarters: Midland, Michigan, United States

Type: Subsidiary of Dow Inc. (publicly traded holding company)

Industry Position:

Dow is among the three largest chemical producers globally.

It is a materials science company offering a diverse range of products and services.

Parent Company:

Dow Chemical Company operates as the operating subsidiary of Dow Inc., which is incorporated under Delaware law.

Product Range:

Dow is a major producer of various materials, including plastics (polystyrene, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene), synthetic rubber, and construction materials.

It offers agricultural films and is involved in the production of ethylene oxide, acrylates, surfactants, and cellulose resins.

Global Presence:

Dow operates globally, serving customers in approximately 160 countries.

The company has a widespread presence in the chemical and materials sector.

CEO and Leadership:

The chairman and CEO of Dow is Jim Fitterling.

The company emphasizes innovation and customer-centric approaches under Fitterling's leadership.

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